Jamhouse Creative owes its genesis to Suite 16 Audio Productions – a respected and highly successful Brisbane – based production house that set new benchmarks for advertising industry sound tracks through the 1980s and into the 1990s. At the heart of Suite 16’s success stood composer/producer Garry Smith who, as creative director, nurtured the studio from humble beginnings to undisputed eminence as Queensland’s music and sound design HQ.

Jamhouse Creative

What began as a modest 16-track recording facility evolved into a purpose-built 24 track analogue studio equipped with state-of-the-art recording gear, a dedicated programming room equipped with the then revolutionary Fairlight computer musical instrument. To listen to radio or watch television in Queensland in those days was to hear Suite 16 tracks promoting Fourex, Tooheys, DB Draught, Telstra, Toyota, GMH, Gold Lotto, and Mirage Resorts: brands whose jingles became as familiar as pop hits of the day.

Under Garry’s guidance, Suite 16’s award-winning run continued until 1997 when profound changes in the recording and advertising industries forced a new direction. To meet the challenge, Garry established a digitally-based studio within his family home. Because his house happened to be pink, Garry named his new venture Pinkhouse Productions. In the following years, he garnered another swag of advertising awards and plaudits for tracks produced for commercials, live shows and television series.

En route to the present, Garry turned his hand to writing and producing music for a computer game. He also began mentoring up-and-coming singer-songwriters, recording young artists, producing promising bands and lecturing at Brisbane’s QUT Creative Industries faculty. He became deeply impressed by the new wave of emerging talent – and now brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the Jamhouse group of writers, arrangers, producers, singers, musicians and recording technicians.

The result is a fresh, new approach that is right for today: a highly professional blend of matured experience and new generation zest – ready and willing to propel your message precisely where it needs to go.

Excellent outcomes require exceptional people – and Jamhouse has the right stuff.