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One Song - Many Placements

It's no secret that music is universal and can be utilized in endless ways, but it often comes to a surprise to new songwriters that a song can have more than one life. It can have a life as a single, and then other lives as backdrop music for your favorite soap, a reality show, a documentary or an advertisement. But does this happen often, or is it a one in a million chance.

Let's take a look at Vagabond, a track by Misterwives. This has had an extraordinary life as the theme song to MTV's breakout hit, Finding Carter. The track is instantly recognizable to all viewers, as well as casual viewers of MTV, as the track is featured on all advertisements and previews for the show, as well as featured as a track on MTV itself. And then, it appears on Australian Television Drama "Home and Away.

Now of course, this is great for the songwriter, as they get financial reward for both or all placements, as well as sales of the track itself; but many ask why it is good for the programs to use a previously placed song. Well, it can turn out positive for both programs. When viewers of either show hear the track, this may make them tune in. And even if that is just for a few seconds – that can create an audience.

And then there is the more well-known – and scrutinized side of recycled music – old tracks, from previous generations, played in today's television programs. Have a read here as some of the most used tracks in music placement  And what is the benefit of these placements?  Is it that these tracks are introduced to a new audience and a new generation, whilst giving it a new reference? This could not be truer of all of the songs in the article – and all of these tracks have had new lives, thanks to music placement.

Placement is more widespread than most audiences would realize, and it is no more difficult than getting a track noticed in the first place; so why not give your song new life?

Author:  D. Whelan for Jamhouse Creative
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