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The Common Denominator

The way audiences listen to and experience music has changed dramatically throughout the course of history. Once its use was synonymous with religion and then, it flourished into a major story-telling accompaniment – to operas, musicals, plays and then ‘moving pictures’ (aka. film). Arguably, the success of today’s movies depends on the strength of the movie trailer and then the score accompanying the picture. And, despite the many mediums of entertainment that have been spawned by the rapid advances in technology, the importance of the role music plays, stays the same. It also has retained the ability to draw audiences on its own merit, as audiences, despite the technology available, will still fill stadiums to see their favourite acts perform.

The technological advancements that have been made in the last 30 years, has refined the tastes of audiences, and this has resulted in repercussions throughout the whole entertainment sector. Musical theatre productions, for example, are now major technological productions that often require incredible engineering feats to put on (e.g. Spiderman, Wicked). The one element that has never really been absent from these various entertainment mediums though, is music. It is the common denominator between the numerous entertainment mediums.

The way it is produced or created may have developed from live on-site performances to mass databases of artificial sounds, but music is always there.

Technology has enabled the multiple other forms of entertainment to become more intertwined, as all are now accessible on a device that is palm-sized; however, it was personal music devices that led to the inevitable creation of smarter entertainment devices.

It has been suggested that it is our understanding and ability to create music that makes us human. Music is a far-reaching medium that has been used throughout history to send messages and unite people. It also unites the various entertainment mediums. It truly is the entertainment industry’s common denominator.

 Author: G. McDonald for Jamhouse Creative
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