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Does comedy music lift us up in dark times?

Music has been a light in the dark for humanity for many generations. And comedy has made us laugh when we have wanted to cry since its inception. As the world begins to worry more about financial stability, economic growth and time moving faster as the years move on, the comedy music genre has begun to emerge more.   What is this more recently recognised genre of music ,and has it evolved in order to soothe our worry?

Comedy music, often performed by comedians is a widely misunderstood genre, with many confusing funny, unpolished music for what the genre is. While some of this is a subsidiary part of the genre, as with many genres, most of the music is well polished, well written, well recorded music that rivals the production of music on the pop charts.

Those who understand the genre have described it as a fusion between the stand-up comedy forum, and the musical realm, with some of the greats in the genre being some of the greats in the comedy industry. Names like Steve Martin and Wayne Brady have spent decades delighting audiences both with stand-up and television based comedy, but are also accomplished singers, instrumentalists and song writers. Take a look at the compilation below of live incarnations of this idea -

But back to the question, is comedy music an evolution that has evolved in order to make us happy? Well of course! But that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t become recognisable and important genre in its own right. From the early days of television when comics began music on television and musicians began to write about more than just love, this genre has been developing.

While its recognition is somewhat still evolving, it is difficult to find a negative side to this evolution.  There will probably always be the  perception that it is simply music that is not taken seriously,  and a misunderstanding that music that funny is comedy music, however,  the genre will continue to grow as more people turn to it for a break from the fast paced world we all live in.

Author:  D. Whelan for Jamhouse Creative
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