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A Scary Thought?

It is not difficult to get a song stuck in one’s head; however, sometimes great ideas for songs are not so permanent. Ideas come and go, and it is their ephemeral nature that sees songwriters constantly seeking better ways of recording them. The invention of the smart phone and its related technologies made the note-taking process simpler, but what if you could plug your mind into a machine and have that machine record your thoughts?

As the old cliché’s will tell us, if you can think it, you can do it and, a machine now exists to do that. Technological advances in MRI scanning technology saw the first commercial use of thought and dream recording technology in September 2014. Donald Marks, the founder and chief science officer of Millennium Magnetic Technologies (MMT), the company behind the technology, stated that “Some people call it thought identification but it’s essentially mind reading”. This technology is still in its infancy, but like anything, it will become more refined as further technological advances take place (for more information head to: The question remains though, how will this technology affect the music industry?

If people are now able to read their own minds and keep and use that information forever, the songwriter may no longer need their notepad and pencil on the bedside table. Also, great ideas may never be lost and inspiration will be proverbially bottled. And, the concept of “putting down a demo” could be simply plugging your mind into a machine and thinking out a melody.

Combine this with the number of software packages that can replicate the sounds of all the instruments of the orchestra and then some, and one could believe that soon music may just be a figment of our imagination. A scary thought?

Author: G. McDonald for Jamhouse Creative
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