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Lounge Music Now

Lounge music takes our thoughts back to the free flowing, easy going time of the 1960’s and the 1970’s, but there are still musicians performing and creating within the genre, even in 2014. While it may not be exactly the same way the genre was portrayed back then, several evolved incarnations of the genre are blossoming in the current genre. But what is Lounge music’s place in the 21st century, and where do we go from here?

History of the music industry shows that lounge music and swing music evolved together after their initial run, and in today’s music, this has evolved into lounge singers. While often they are placed into the singer song writer category, or within Jazz music, there are still many lounge singers out there. But the genre no longer boasts names like Peggy Lee and Blossom Dearie; due to the fact that we live in a world where pop music reigns supreme. But the idea of lounge music with Jazz music does post the question, was lounge music ever a genre that stood completely alone?

Lounge music has now found itself in digital music, particularly in the form of lounge music beats. This is where Lounge music has had the most notoriety in the 21st century. While many purists argue that it is hidden behind the beats, there are many examples of Lounge and Swing music behind sampled in the current market, particularly in online markets such as Youtube where computer musicians have their place to shine.

Lounge music is certainly still put there, but it is something that possibly never standalone again, if indeed it ever did. This is evident by the Lounge music charts, where the top five artists are house music or techno music. Check out a chart here to see -

This shows that in a world where flash and skin are everything and chillout music is something played in the background to life, Lounge music is certainly juggling itself between genres to find its place. While some question the legitimacy of the current lounge music, fusion and evolution is what music is all about, isn’t it?

Author:  D. Whelan for Jamhouse Creative
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