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What is Lounge Music?

While lounge music has many definitions, most agree that lounge music is about a certain feel. It is meant to feel like you are laying by the pool, chilling to music with a glass of your favorite chardonnay, or simply relaxing in the spring sun with your favorite book.

But lounge music is so much more to those who create these sounds; it is a true fusion genre that mixes elements of Pop, Jazz, and Swing music. With reverb at the absolute forefront of the music, and beats to set the pace, lounge music features the normal array of guitars, vibraphones, drums and pianos, but as the music has developed, arrangements have extended to including many forms of ethnic percussion and culturally specific instruments that are not often heard in the western world.

To the performers who play in cocktail lounges and Jazz bars, this is a true type of mood music, and should be played and listened to in particular settings in order to create the mental imagery that is desired. Feel and imagery are the essential ingredients in lounge music and without those as guidelines, the genre would be lost.

This is not surprising as this genre of music came about in a developmental time where mental imagery was headed to the forefront of all creative industries, moving right into the free love era. But it has lasted among true fans for many decades, because it allows them to enter a place in their mind that they would never be able to physically enter in their own life. It plays on the imagination.

And seemingly, the more fast paced that the world has gotten, the more this style of music has garnered fans, as it allows listeners to break away from the fast paced culture of the 21st century, without hindering their progress within the society. It is a guilt free escape from reality. 

Author:  D. Whelan for Jamhouse Creative
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