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The third and final day of the Taxi Road Rally was sans the mentor lunches and the one on one mentor sessions. However, it did not fail to provide even more knowledge and information, from so many industry greats.

Sessions for the final day included another session from Pat Pattison on rhyming, the five year plan seminar with Matt Hirt, John Mazzei and Dave Walton.

But the most exciting seminar of the day was held in the grand ballroom, when the “Rock Mafia” crew came by to do a Q&A with the founder of Taxi, Michael Laskow. The questions were generally inquisitive, but the answers were what changed everything.

One particular highlight was to confirm some things about the industry, and to blast some ideas into oblivion. One such idea was that it takes five people to write a song in Hollywood, which is of course untrue.

Often in Hollywood, you will see five or more names in the song writing credits on any particular song. While sometimes five people do write a song together; more often than not, multiple credits go simply to those hiring the writers, or those who look over the song and make small changes.

While this seems like bad practice, it is simply their bargaining chip when it comes to their work. After all, a percentage of something is better than nothing, so it is important to make a deal and to not leave your songs sitting on a shelf.

This push forward attitude went right in with the theme of this year’s Road Rally, tough love. It’s about taking action on your own career. Working hard, following up on opportunities and generally going after what you want. There will certainly be a lot of people working even harder after this year’s inspiring rally. See you all next year. 

Author:  D. Whelan for Jamhouse Creative
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