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Taxi Road Rally - Day 2

The second day of the Taxi conference brought vast amounts in knowledge, some killer performances and some lasting memories. It is shaping up to be the best Taxi Road Rally yet!

The Jamhouse team kicked off by attending a seminar from none other than Pat Pattison of Berkley School of Music. He talked mostly about Prosody – the idea that all elements of a song should work together to support the songs central message and emotion. It was a packed out class, with people standing anywhere they could and sitting on the floor, just to hear what Pat had to say. Certainly not to be missed if it is offered at next year’s Road Rally. Pat also comes to Australia on occasion so it’s worth getting along to see him if the opportunity comes up.

Then the second mentor lunch of the weekend was held, and with a vastly different group of mentors, it was another event that was going to leave a lasting footprint in my mind. The mentors in included Pat Pattison (Lecturer at Berklee College of Music), Jan Linder-Koda (of Angel Diva Music), Casey Hurowitz ( Composer and Songwriter), Nancy Moran (critically acclaimed solo artist), James Kocian (successful Taxi composer and songwriter) and Chip Hardy (songwriter), just to name a few. While it was certainly a noisy affair, it was one that gave a snippet of the deep amount of knowledge that these experts have.

There were so many seminar options to attend, but the Jamhouse team attended several more including James Kocian’s “Making the Most of Your Taxi Membership” Casey Hurowits’ “Simple Song Structures that Sell”, as well as “What Genre is That?”, “Understanding what Mastering Does” and “Demystifying the cue”.

 We finished off the evening with a group dinner with the Jamhouse Team, the Griffith University students and some members from the Rally. This was followed by some amazing performances at the Open Mic night by two of the Griffith students Taylor Moss and Essie, who the audience loved.  

Check in with us tomorrow to find out how the final day of the Road Rally went - there are still so many exciting seminars to attend!

Author:  D. Whelan for Jamhouse Creative
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