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Taxi Road Rally - Registration

Although registration for the Taxi Road Rally opened at 5pm on Thursday the 6th of November, the line began at 7.32 am with the first group sitting in front of the ‘Welcome to the Rally’ sign.

The Taxi Road Rally is an annual convention for musicians, songwriters and aspiring music executives to hone their craft, learn about life in the business and learn the nitty gritty of what to do next. Members flock from all over the world to meet the mentors, take classes and make some great friends.

Whilst many may think that sitting or standing in a line for 9 hours, simply for 15 minutes with a mentor is something only fools would do, hundreds gathered throughout the day for a chance to have their time with someone who could help them reach their dreams. And it doesn’t stop there, you will also find musicians willing to have a jam, exchange CD’s and give you a cultural education on the vast countries and cultures that they are from.

The Rally this year has over 50 mentors including our very own Jamhouse founder, Mr Garry Smith. As you may already be aware, Garry boasts a huge background in both performing and production, and currently operates Jamhouse, as well as beginning a new business venture in his free time.

Garry’s mentor spots are filled up quite fast, and this is not surprising as he, along with many of the other mentors, have racked up some serious musical street cred among the members. Obviously because of the vast array of experience under their belt.

With these great mentors and over eighty classes, this year’s Taxi Road Rally should be the best one yet. Cheers Taxi!

Author:  D. Whelan for Jamhouse Creative
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