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Established Brisbane-based music production company Pinkhouse Productions, whose catchy Yellow Cabs mantra reminds us all toonly call a cab in days that end in y, are sporting a snappy new name and dynamic fresh look this month, as they prepare to launch their latest incarnation Jamhouse Creative under the baton of award-winning composer/producer and long-time, visionary owner Garry Smith.

Pinkhouse Productions, born in 1999 as offspring of iconic Suite 16 Audio Productions, has long been dedicated to delivering superior music and sound design over a broad spectrum of genres, but it’s their edgy new guise asJamhouse Creative and new bevy of fresh-faced musical talent which will solidify their place on the progressive post-production map – locally and internationally.

Garry Smith, owner and director of the newly branded Jamhouse Creative, has been lending his savvy sounds to Australia’s leading advertisers for well over two decades, producing soundtracks for Fourex, Tooheys, Telstra, Golden Circle, Toyota, GMH, Gold Lotto, Grand Hyatt Singapore, and World Expo Korea, and collecting a swag of industry awards along the way.

Smith’s expertly crafted soundtracks may have bagged him gongs at Queensland’s Goldie Awards;  Brisbane Art Directors Club Awards (BAD); the international Mobius Awards; Lions (Cannes) International Advertising Festival; London International Advertising Awards; New York Radio Festival; South Pacific Song Contest; and the US International Film & Video Festival, but it’s his holistic approach to music production and versatility as a musician, composer, producer and collaborator which really paves the way forward for his new baby Jamhouse Creative.

Smith leads a team as dynamic, vibrant and fluid as its new, kaleidoscopic-inspired branding– a diverse network of composers, arrangers and sound engineers who meticulously meet a client’s brief with a slew of top notes.

“At Jamhouse, music, in all its abstract and beautiful forms, is what we’re all about. We write it, perform it, produce it, dream it, feel it, live it. Our music brings media to life - film, television series, advertising, live shows, games, events and online”, said Smith.

Jamhouse Creative will celebrate their official launch on November 18, 2010.